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Mike Maves: Music


(Mike Maves)

Daddy called me Sunny like the weather and my mother's disposition,
Poor with dreams of college and no money to pay for my tuition,
When my Uncle said he'd help me out, this hell I'm in was beyond my comprehension.

I saw the dark cloud fallin over the nation,
A nightmare screamin' out and streamin' in on every station,
Another night, another war and now a brand new fight for a brand new generation,

But now there's money in my bank account,
My future man it's all planned out,
Two years ain't long and time you know it don't stand still,
I'm stationed halfway round the world,
My helmets on and flag's unfurled,
They taught me how to hate,
Then they taught me how to kill,
I'm Sunny still,
But Sunny learned how to kill.

I watched the sun rise yesterday morning,
It was golden all around me while my final day was forming,
When the shots came out of the bushes well they came and came and came,
They came without warning,

Now I see cowboy hats and comic books,
Cap guns and fishin hooks,
Six years ago Godammit I was twelve years old
And now all around me there's bullets flyin,
And the one that hit me daddy it's got me dyin
This morning's hot but my skin is goin' cold
And I do believe your Sunny ain't coming home.
Sunny ain't coming home.

Tell my mother that I'll miss her,
And when you see her could you kiss her,
And let her know that I didn't die here alone.
Ahh, this is just my soldier story,
wrapped up in my cloak of Glory,
In a bag, in a box, on a plane on my way back home,
But my body isn't Sunny,
Sunny ain't coming home,
Sunny ain't coming home (repeat)
You shoulda looked out for soldiers Sunny hidin hind the bushes now,
You shoulda looked out for soldiers Sunny hidin hind the bushes now, (repeat)
You shoulda looked out for Bushes Sunny hidin hind the soldiers now,
Sunny ain't coming home