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Mike Maves: Music

Death Row Lament

(Mike Maves)
July 23, 2005 Track of the Day September 14, 2005
Been a long time since I seen the light
Seen the light of day
And the warden says it’s warm outside
But these walls are dark and grey

Well my mamma drank a pile before I was born
So I guess I kinda did the same
And the street it weren’t too kind to me
So I turned out this way

It was late at night on highway nine
The clerk he shoulda shown up late
But the poor boy showed up just in time
To be a victim of his own fate

There was blood all over the counter now
Blood on the stuff I stole
And the cop I met on the way outside
Let’s just say, he ain’t growing old

Been the same damned things my whole life long
One thing then another
And there won’t be too much left of me
Cept my name and the card that I sent my mother

Well if the sun'd rise inthe western sky
And set down in the east
If you could turn the whole world inside out
Heaven might hold a place for me

And it’s a long walk down a hallway now
And one last meal to savor
But there ain’t no point in praying for me
Cause Jesus never done me no favors