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Mike Maves: Music

Harvest of Stone

(Mike Maves)
July 23, 2005
It’s all work in the springtime
Planting all my rows
And Lord I do tend em fine
But this year nothing grows
This year’s been harder Lord than any that I’ve known
Ain’t nothing round for harvest cept stones

Harvest of stone
Harvest of Stone
No harder time have I surely know
My pain’s my plow
And my grief’s my yoke
So shall I reap
Harvest of Stone

My darling loved me
Surely God would know,
But I’d deal with the devil
If he could bring her home
Cause the kithcen’s empty
And the hallway moans
Since they laid my love
In that field of stone

Maybe next summer
There’ll be some rain
Instead of this drought
Maybe all of them stones’ll be all powed out
With just enough sunshine
To help the things I’ve sown
Maybe I’ll find the strength to keep on goin’

Instead of harvesting stone
I’ll watch the cotton grow
Pack my troubles
And send them down the road
I’ll find the love
I surely need to know
And I’ll build us a house
From that pile of stone
Yeah I’ll build us a house
From that pile of stone